Integrative Self Care

For well-being and performance. 

"You can't pour from an empty cup, self care is fuel, not an after thought, it is that simple. To view it any differently is to set yourself up for burnout and failure" - Sile Walsh 2018

"You can't pour from an empty cup". Whether you are a care giver, C-suite executive or simply a very busy person, self-care is fuel. We take an integrative approach to self care to ensure that it is the right fit for you, at the right time. No one size fits all, fluffy "take a bath approaches" we use proven, science based, personally tailored self care interventions. 


Who we work with : 

  • C-suite Executives 
  • Business Professionals 
  • Educators, Leaders & Managers
  • Healthcare Professionals 
  • Social Work Professionals 
  • Pharmaceuticals & International Organisations
  • Community & Youth Work Professionals
  • Voluntary, Public and Private Organisations

How we work:

  • One on one with individuals towards their potential, leadership and improved well-being. 
  • Facilitate team and group work that improves performance and well-being.
  • Partner with organisations to strategically support organisational development, people performance and organisational culture. 
Self care is about developing an internal and external strategy for success that can be sustained and built upon.
— Sile Walsh 2018