Organisational Effectiveness & Sustainabilty

For charties, community & not for profit Organisations 


"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." Coretta Scott King


Every aspect of the services provided starts by taking into account five key elements. These elements include the people involved (service users & providers), organisational values, using innovation, linking into a bigger strategy and creating more sustainability.  

Services include:

  • Strategy - developing a sustainable strategy that continues to focus on the people you serve.

  • Bettering Service's - revising services provided based on the service user needs.

  • Innovation & Goal Setting - re-connect to the purpose, possibility & potential of the people involved, services provided & each other.

  • PR & Branding Coaching - developing an effective branding & PR strategy that is in align with your organisations values

  • Organisational Structure - support the development or re-development of an organisational structure

  • Effective Communications - develop internal and external communication skills that results in desired outcomes

  • Group Coaching - group facilitation for particular projects, focuses and problems.

  • Participatory Research - qualitative and quantitative research for a service user informed solution.


Who we work with : 

  • Board of directors

  • Steering commitees

  • Management

  • Employees

  • Service users

How we work:

  • Particpatory Approaches

  • Organisational Development

  • Faciltation

  • Partnerships

Groups that can strategize are sustainable, groups that can startegize and stay connected to their values and missions are effective.
— Sile Walsh 2018