Organisational Development & Corporate Wellness

A rising tide lifts all boats
— Mr Sorensen

Offering Strategically Developed Training, Facilitation & Coaching

Your people, from employees to C-suite executives are your most valuable asset, however for many organisations reports have shown that only 13% of employees engage at work worldwide. Imagine what that means for progress, profits, peoples commitment and true sustainability? Imagine what it really means for you and your organisation. 


Who we work with : 

  • Executives & Business Professionals

  • Educators, Leaders & Managers

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Social Work Professionals

  • Pharmaceuticals & International Organisations

  • Community & Youth Work Professionals

  • Voluntary, Public and Private Organisations

How we work:

  • One on one with individuals towards their potential, leadership and improved well-being.

  • Facilitate team and group sessions that improves performance and well-being.

  • Partner with organisations to strategically support organisational development, people performance and organisational culture.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” - Charles Darwin

Sustainable approaches to people and organisational development that mature and grow overtime, with your people and their shared purpose at the heart of every desicion
— Sile Walsh 2018